5 Ways To Repurpose Beer Bottles

Get crafty with your brews for Earth Day!

This Earth Day, reduce, reuse, recycle, re…drink? Put your empties to good use with these 5 DIY’s that’ll spruce up your home & recycling bin!

1. Flower Vase

Sleek, stylish and easy peasy! Simply clean out your bottles (beer or otherwise!) and when you’re done add some fresh flowers to bring the outdoors in this spring season!

2. Lights

As if you don’t already just have fairy/twinkle lights at home sitting around… Put some of your leftover Christmas decor to good use with these rustic-chic lights perfect for your bar cart or patio. Just clean the beer bottles and put your lights inside, and you're done!

3. Glasses

Now this one does require a bit more skill, but also doubles as a potential science experiment (bonus, woo!). By either purchasing a glass cutter or, doing some sleuth-googling, find a DIY, you can turn your bottles into proper glasses. Neat!

4. Candle Holders

Now, take your newly repurposed drinking glasses and turn them into a candle! Add a wick to the centre of the bottle and pour pre-mixed, heated, candle wax… et voila!

5. Dispenser

Whether it’s oil, vinegar or soap (we recommend adding some labels to the bottles), did you know you can buy dispensers that secure to the tops of empty beer bottles? Clean out your brewski and fill it with whatever your heart desires.

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