Elevate Your At-Home Bar Cart

Tips and tricks for creating a cocktail oasis!

Crafting the perfect cocktail is a timeless pastime that's enjoyed by many. Whether you're entertaining guests or just want to unwind with a drink after a long day, having a stylish and well-stocked bar cart can take your at-home cocktail game to the next level. From glassware to greenery, we'll cover everything you need to know to turn your bar cart into the ultimate home bar.

Invest in Quality Glassware

One of the easiest ways to elevate your bar cart is to invest in quality glassware. Opt for crystal glasses or vintage-inspired designs to add some class and sophistication to your setup.

Add a Tray

A tray not only adds a decorative touch to your bar cart, but it also makes it more functional. Use it to corral your bottles, glasses, and bar tools, or to serve drinks to guests.

Mix in Some Greenery

Adding a plant or two to your bar cart can help soften the look and add some natural elements to the space. A small vase of fresh flowers can also add a pop of colour and freshness.

Display Your Best Bottles

Display your best and most beautiful bottles on your bar cart, and keep the rest in a cupboard or on a shelf. This will help create a curated and intentional look, rather than a cluttered one.

Get Quality Bar Tools

Just like with glassware, investing in quality bar tools can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your bar cart. Opt for sleek, classic designs in stainless steel or brass for a timeless look.

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