Fun Ways to Spring Clean with a Twist

Spring Into Cleaning

It's officially Spring - the season of hosting, toasting and sun-filled fun with friends. It’s time to swap out the cozy winter vibes for renewed energy - so let’s start with a new approach to Spring cleaning! We're about to give this cleaning extravaganza a fun twist – by pairing each to-do item with a matching drink. You’ll find a quick and easy Spring Clean list to get your home sorted so you can enjoy the season ahead. 

Day 1

Kick things off with a jammin' & scrubbin' hour - crank up the tunes, maybe from our Spotify Spring Has Sprung Playlist, and turn cleaning into a time-based task. Get the whole house involved for an even speedier clean-up crew. After all that hard work, celebrate your progress with your choice from the Vizzy Hard Seltzer Variety Pack. Who knew cleaning could be fun?

Day 2

Next up, the closet overhaul. Sorting through your wardrobe might sound meh, so let's mix it up! Turn it into a fashion show, strutting your stuff to decide what stays and what goes. And while you're at it, take a break and sip on a fashionable AriZona Hard Half n Half Iced Tea Lemonade. Styling decisions and delicious drinks go hand in hand. 

Day 3

Now, let's take the cleaning party outdoors for a backyard revamp. Invite your crew to join and give each team a section to spruce up. Once it's all done, kick back on the patio and bask in the sweet taste of your newfound oasis. Remember to cheer together with a Coors Seltzer Variety Pack!

Use these tips to transform a season’s worth of spring cleaning into a weekend of refreshment. So, grab a cold one, incorporate these casual and fun ideas, and voilà! Cheers to the Spring season!


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