Go To An Art Museum Day

Immerse Yourself in Creativity!

Art museums are like doors to all things cool - culture, history, and creativity - just begging for people to jump into the awesome world of human expression. "Go to an Art Museum Day" is all about soaking up that amazing experience and getting lost in the beauty and stories behind art. Whether you've had a long day or you're trying to figure out something to do with friends at the last minute, why not take a casual walk through an art museum and soak up some inspiration?

Before Your Visit:

Pick a Museum: Choose a cool museum known for its awesome collection and exhibitions. Go for a popular one, a place showing contemporary art, or even a gallery featuring a favourite artist or theme. There are plenty of different museums to choose from:

  • Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) - Toronto, Ontario

  • National Gallery of Canada - Ottawa, Ontario

  • Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) - Montreal, Quebec

  • Vancouver Art Gallery - Vancouver, British Columbia

  • Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) - Toronto, Ontario (includes art collections)

  • Winnipeg Art Gallery - Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • Art Gallery of Hamilton - Hamilton, Ontario

  • Glenbow Museum - Calgary, Alberta

  • MacKenzie Art Gallery - Regina, Saskatchewan

  • The Rooms - St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

  • Confederation Centre Art Gallery - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

  • Art Gallery of Nova Scotia - Halifax, Nova Scotia

  • Remai Modern - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Check the Museum's Website: See what's up with any special exhibits, when they're open, how much tickets cost, and any rules you gotta follow.

Research Exhibits: If you're super stoked to see specific exhibits or art, note where they're at in the museum.

During Your Visit:

Enjoy the Art: Take your sweet time soaking in the art. Wander through the exhibits, really checking out the little details and letting each piece make you feel and embrace what they are about!

Get in on Audio Guides or Tours: Sometimes they've got these cool audio guides or tours that explain the art better. Give them a shot for some insider info.

Snap Some Pics: If they allow it, take pics to remember your favourite pieces and how the whole experience rocked.

After Your Visit:

Think About It: Take a bit of time to think about how the art made you feel. What thoughts and vibes did it stir up?

Share the Buzz: Talk about the art with your friends or family. Chatting about it can make you see things in a new way.

Dig Deeper: If a certain artist or style really got you jazzed, dive into more info about them.

Remember, visiting an art museum can be pretty personal. Take your time, vibe with the art, and enjoy it your way.

Lastly, if you can, support the museum. Whether it's tossing them a donation, snagging something from the gift shop, or just telling others about it, it helps these cool cultural spots stay awesome.

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