Grammy’s Playlist (With Drink Pairings)

Perfect Combos For a Night Of Celebration

Award season is here and this weekend, we’re watching the Grammys! Are you ready? If not, we've got you covered with this curated playlist with some of the most popular nominations, not to mention, that each song has its own drink pairing! So, get those beveraginos ready and enjoy these jams while getting ready for the Grammys!

1. Flowers - Miley Cyrus & Bohemian

This easy-drinking taste profile will make you feel like you’re on an Endless Summer Vacation,a refreshing choice alongside the classic sounds of Milley.

2. What Was I Made For? - Billie Eilish & Creemore Springs

With a mild flavour profile featuring overtones of sweet caramel and appealing, well-balanced floral hop character, this is perfect for the lower tunes of Billie. It goes through you smoothly.

3. Vampire - Olivia Rodrigo & Fine Company’s Zac Red IPA

Distinctively smooth, yet bold and rich, just like this song. Olivia’s music sets the stage for an unforgettable experience, much like the IPA. As the song takes you on a journey of emotions, the IPA tantalizes your taste buds with its distinctively smooth texture, while its bold and rich flavours mirror the intensity of the music.

4. Anti-Hero - Taylor Swift & Vizzy Hard Seltzer

This seltzer offers fruity and refreshing options that pair well with the high-energy atmosphere of music festivals or listening sessions featuring artists like Taylor Swift.

5. Kill Bill - SZA & Rickard’s Red

Known for its malty sweetness, we’d recommend pairing it with the smooth and crisp sounds of SZA.

6. A&W - Lana Del Rey & Molson Canadian

This lager is clean, crisp and fresh. Lana proves to be a refreshing and crisp sound that stays with you and has a smooth and soulful sound.

7. Butterfly - Jon Batiste & Carling Light

A fine, clean, crisp refreshing beer that makes you feel every moment of this song while keeping you in a chill vibe and overall, soulfully connected.

8. Dance The Night - Dua Lipa & Coors Light

Coors Light is a light and refreshing beer, making it suitable for more energetic and upbeat music just like this song gets you dancing!

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