How To Throw An Epic Halloween Movie Night

It’s horror movie marathon season and this is your ultimate Halloween viewing guide.

Halloween is not complete without a scary movie marathon for you and your crew. We know not everyone is a horror movie buff but too bad for them! We’ve put together a list of Halloween essentials to throw an epic movie night.

First, you need to know what you’re watching and you need to have options. For a night like this you need to have only the most terrifying movies lined up, because why not. So it’s best to go with the classics: Halloween, IT, Carrie, Friday the 13th, and The Exorcist!

And for those in need of a bevy (for courage or simply hydration of course) you’ll need to provide your guests with something great tasting and light.

For this affair, we suggest kicking back and enjoying a great tasting Miller Lite – 90 cals and 3g carbs per 355 ml serving.

We know you have some prepping to do before your movie night, so get your Miller Lite delivered right to your door to save time. Check out Ship and Sip here.

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