July Drink-oscope

It’s Cancer season and we are getting in touch with our emotions and growing! Continue celebrating summer with your official Quarter to Five Drink-oscope.

We’re in the middle of cancer season, we’re reapplying our SPF and we’re heading to the beach! For the month of July, there’s gonna be a little drama, laughs, tears and some fireworks, but you’ll make it through. What we’re focusing on this month is our growth, personally and professionally. While this month starts in Cancer (all about embracing our emotions–when we’re feeling safe and ready), July also shares its zodiac sign with Leo, who is known to be direct, assertive and compassionate, so we’ll find some balance (Libras, we’re calling on you)...

Since July is giving us an active internal and external calendar, we want to ensure that we’re by your side with none other than your official drink-oscope for July… our Coors Hard Seltzer!

Coors Hard Seltzer Grapefruit will remind you of being at the beach with your closest friends and making memories that last forever, something that Cancers hold very near and dear to their hearts. A lively hard seltzer packed with hints of sweetness, making it the perfect blend of being sweet and tart: the Cancer-Leo combo we never knew we needed. It’s going to go well with that outdoor barbecue, a starry night and maybe a group hug or two.

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