The Ultimate Father’s Day Celebration

Stock the fridge and fire up the grill for a day full of beer, BBQ and bonding!

While ties and tools are nice, let’s be honest—they’re a bit predictable. This year, shake things up for Dad and surprise him with something a little more exciting! Check out these five fun ways to celebrate the father figure in your life this Father’s Day.

Stock His Fridge
What’s better than breakfast in bed? Beer in the fridge. Instead of the traditional breakfast, take it up a notch by stocking Dad's fridge with all his favorite foods, drinks, and snacks. We’d recco grabbing a variety pack from his favourite brand so there’s plenty for him to choose from!

Celebrate in the Sun!
Whether it’s a reservation at Dad’s favorite restaurant for a delicious dinner, or an all out picnic in the park, it’s time to take advantage of the nice weather. Pack a cooler with his favorite brews and some tasty treats to make it a day to remember. Fresh air, good food, and great company—what more could he ask for?

Organize a Sports Day
If your dad is a sports enthusiast, why not organize a sports day? From a round of golf (we’re not talkin’ mini), rallying on the tennis, or even a friendly match of soccer, spending the day being active and competitive can be a great way to let Dad get loose. Don’t forget to pack your Quarter To Five tote to keep the good vibes going with some refreshments and snacks. It’s game on!

DIY Project Together
Is your Dad the handyman of the house? Tap into the DIY spirit and organize a project you can tackle together. Maybe it’s fixing the sink drip Mom’s been complaining about (you’re welcome Mom!), or even building a piece of furniture from scratch, creating something together could be a great memory of a great day together in the future.

Host a Backyard BBQ
Throw a backyard BBQ and invite family and friends to join in the celebration! Fire up the grill and cook up some of Dad’s favorite foods—think burgers, ribs, and grilled veggies. Set up some lawn games like cornhole or horseshoes, and make sure to have a selection of his favorite cold beers on hand so he can enjoy a special day! Need some inspo? Check out our tips on how to throw the perfect backyard BBQ.

There are countless ways to show Dad just how much he means to you, so get creative, think outside the box, and most importantly, don’t forget the dad jokes! Here, we’ll get you started…

Why did the beer go to school? Because it wanted to be a little brr-ighter!

Happy Father’s Day!

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