Workout Wednesday: Lower-Body Lifts

Time to lock in, it's Workout Wednesday!

Twice a month, Quarter to Five brings you an exciting new way to challenge yourself in the gym, at home, or on the go as part of Workout Wednesday.

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This week's workout features a lower-body focused plan guaranteed to make you second guess whether you want to take the stairs tomorrow.

Before starting, warm up, loosen up and make sure you are well-hydrated!

Single-leg barbell squats: 3x10

Barbell squat: 3x6, 2x3

Leg extensions: 4x15

Hamstring pull-throughs: 4x15

Superset: Dumbbell rows + dumbbell chest press 3x15

Barbell upright rows: 3x10

Superset: Concentration curls + shoulder shrugs 3x10

Cool down with a glass of water and a 10–15-minute walk on the treadmill or a walk around the block if you lift at home.

Check back in two weeks for more Workout Wednesday and plenty of other fun content on Quarter to Five!

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