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September Drink-oscope: The Best Cocktail for your Star Sign

Move over Virgo’s, Libra season is almost here!

As the sun enters Libra, be prepared for some big changes. Have you found yourself mixing up the days lately? Having a hard time letting go of summer? Or, feeling a little slower? If you’re reading this, nodding your head and wondering why, you can thank Mercury.

Mercury has been in retrograde since September 9th, so this might explain why you’ve been feeling this way. Libra’s are known for being the social butterfly of the horoscope signs and boy have you Libras been fluttering your wings and having a social summer! Now that we inch closer to the fall season, take this time to slow down and embrace the transition to autumn and all the peace that it brings us.

It might be a bit out of your comfort zone, but trust us, Libras need time to recharge too. So sit back, relax and enjoy a Green Tea AriZona Hard. Balanced, refreshing, and fun - just like you! Now don’t worry, this feeling of slowness and tranquillity won’t last forever. We know your sign inside out, and it won’t be long before you’re planning all your favourite fall activities with family and friends. So enjoy the calm moments while you can…and then get ready for sweater weather, pumpkin picking, hiking and more.

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