Healthy Fall Vegetable Soup Recipe

It’ll give you all the greens you need, plus a little something extra.

Nothing says the start of the fall season quiet like soups. Soups, soups, so many soups. And the easier and healthier, the better.

This recipe for a minestrone soup with black beans and vegetables will give you all those cozy, warm fall feels. It all takes place in your slow cooker that does all the work for you. Combine your broth, your array of vegetables and herbs (tomatoes, beans, carrots, celery, onion, thyme, sage, bay leaves, and salt and black pepper to taste). And…that’s it.

After they’re all in there, just cover it and let it cook on high for 3-4 hours. Before the soup is done cooking, you can go ahead and add in your zucchini and spinach and your pasta noodles of choice. Let that sit covered for another 30 more minutes. Remove bay before serving and garnish with basil, if you want.

You’ll need something to pair with this soup and we recommend the Molson Ultra. It pairs wonderfully with this fall soup. At 70 calories, 2g of carbs, and 3% ABV, Molson Ultra is a light, health-conscious (and delicious) beer. A step forward we all can take that’s better-for-us.

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