How to Build An At-Home Bar

These are the 10 things you need to impress your guests.

In our (non-professional) opinion, having a well-stocked at-home bar means you’re well on your way to becoming an official adult. Whether it’s for entertaining guests or having cozy nights in, outfitting your at-home bar with the essentials makes the drinking experience that much better. These are the 10 things we think you need to keep your bar game strong.

Your Favourite Spirits

Start out by stocking up on your favourite spirits. Having them on hand will make mixing up cocktails a breeze. Staples include: rum, tequila, vodka and whiskey.


Staying stocked up on mixers like tonic water and soda water means no last-minute trips to the corner store. Yes, please.

Bottle Opener and Corkscrew

This may sound like an obvious one, but we couldn’t help but remind you.


Is there anything worse than realizing your cold beer left a ring on your coffee table? It’s time to do some adulting and get a set of coasters.

Cocktail Shaker

For those shaken not stirred kinda cocktails, you’re going to want a cocktail shaker. There are a few different types, so we suggest doing a bit of research when choosing one for your bar.

Mini Fridge

Our version of luxury? Having your regular kitchen fridge and then having a well-stocked mini fridge entirely devoted to beer.

Ice Bucket

Who doesn’t love a bucket of beer? You’ll get major presentation points when you serve up your selection of brews in a chilly ice bucket


When it comes to making cocktails or adding a splash of juice to turn your beer into a shandy, a boost of citrus goes a long way. Having a juicer makes the whole process much quicker and easier.

Proper Glassware

Drinking a beer out of a proper pint glass somehow makes it taste better. Trust us. When it comes to choosing glassware for your bar, there are endless options to suit your style.

Beer Koozies

Okay fine, this one isn’t an essential. But putting your guest’s beers into cute koozies is not only really fun, but it will earn you major party points. You can even buy koozies that look like little jackets and sleeping bags. Count us in.

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