How to Throw your Own Killer World Cup Viewing Party

Everything you need to make the FIFA World Cup 2022 one to remember.

The FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar is fast approaching, with Qatar kicking off the first match against Ecuador on November 20.

Modern football, known as association football, originated in Britain in the 19th century. In the 1880s, students at the University of Oxford created linguistic differences between rugby football, known as “rugger,” and association football, known as “asoccer.” The nickname was later shortened to soccer, but didn’t catch on in the United Kingdom. After the sport began to gain traction around the world, athletes in the United States set it apart from American football by referring to the game as “soccer” — a term that became widely adopted across North America. The sport later gained a new nickname, “the beautiful game,” and while the origin of the phrase is disputed, it was popularized by Brazilian soccer player Pelé in 1977 with his autobiography, My Life and the Beautiful Game.

For die-hard football fans and enthusiasts alike, watching their favourite teams play during one of the greatest sporting events in the world is the perfect occasion for a killer viewing party. We’ve put together the ultimate guide to hosting your own World Cup 2022 match party, from preparing snacks and drinks to repping your team’s colours. Whether you’re contributing to a friend’s FIFA bash or planning on hosting your own, our World Cup 2022 party guide has everything you need to help make your next football viewing party a big win.

Start with the basics by giving your guests the opportunity to rep their teams! In the absence of a team jersey, offer a DIY station stacked with team stickers, printed logos, straws and flags to help your friends celebrate in style. Pre-match games are the bread and butter of any football viewing party, so be sure to include games and competitions in your roster, like a tournament bet pot, a football-themed piñata or a World Cup-themed karaoke session. Don’t forget a FIFA-themed drinking game to battle it out with the crème de la crème of football trivia. Your party, your rules!

Raise your glass during and after a fantastic match with creative beverages you can offer to your guests. Opt for fun party drinks like AriZona Hard and Simply Spiked Lemonade Jell-O shots, a Vizzy Hard Seltzer punch, or some inventive homemade gin cocktails with Tarquin’s Cornish Gin. Better yet, serve up an international football-themed beer bar with Miller Chill or Peroni — but don’t forget to include non-alcoholic beverages like ciders for guests who prefer a bubbly drink without the side effects.

Finally, a great snack table is an essential part of any memorable party. There are so many options to consider when planning your World Cup 2022 menu — you can offer football-themed snacks to show off your love of the sport, have an international buffet bar with food from your favourite teams’ countries, or rep your national colours with an array of team-themed finger foods. Don’t forget the little details — match your dinnerware with the teams’ national colours for an added pop!

There’s no limit to the creative ways that you can throw your very own winning FIFA World Cup viewing party. Use our hosting tips to throw the sporting event party of your dreams — and whether you throw an intimate viewing night in with a tight-knit group, or an all out football bash, we hope you have a kicking time!

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