June Drink-oscope

Mercury retrograde is over and we are thriving! Celebrate the start to the summer with your official Quarter To Five Drink-oscope.

Mercury retrograde is over and we are thriving. Summer is here and it’s time to celebrate! For the month of June, everyone should be focusing on encouraging curiosity, getting social and embracing your more nurturing side. While this month starts in Gemini (all about embracing change, being flexible and thinking outside the box) June also shares its zodiac sign with Cancer, who are known to be caring, creative and complex.

With June representing both lively social occasions and deep connections, we present to you none other than your official drink-oscope for June… our Papaya Passionfruit Vizzy Hard Seltzer!

Vizzy Hard Seltzer will remind you of a tropical paradise, a resemblance of your typical Gemini’s favourite activity. A lively sparkling cider packed with notes of papaya, passion fruit, and acerola cherry making it complex like the emotions of your usual Cancer. It's light-bodied and slightly sweet with a refreshingly crisp finish. Pair with Thai cuisine, grilled pork chops or enjoy in a tall glass with ice before a meal with friends.

This month is particularly special as we’re commemorating Pride month with a special Pride can, featured on our Papaya Passionfruit Vizzy Hard Seltzer.

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