Take A Look At Our Coors Light Merch Drop

Fill your closet with the coolest Coors Light merch, from hats, to totes and everything in-between.

One very stressful thing is packing for a weekend away and trying to figure out what outfits you are going to wear. Whether you are planning on going to the cottage, a friend’s barbeque or patio hopping, or just at home hanging in the backyard, you’ll always need some essentials and you’ll want to look good! Totebag? A must! Dad hat? Of course! Well, good thing we’ve got you covered.

We know what has been missing from your wardrobe–our Coors Light merch collection. We have everything you need: hats, totes, polos, crewnecks, and, of course, no outfit is complete without the absolutely necessary dad hat. We even have a caddy towel! Ok, we’ll stop bragging, but please visit to check it out.  

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