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August Drink-oscope: It’s Virgo Season

Get your Virgo’s groove on with our Virgo season horoscope.

Welcome to Virgo season, please fasten your seatbelts, you’re in for a smooth ride. For the month of August and some of September, we’re embracing the confidence of this sign to have a calm mindset. From now until Libra season, you’re focusing on bettering and centring yourself. As summer comes to an end, so does our tumultuous seasons and Virgo season will allow us to find focus again.

Virgo and the upcoming Libra season go hand in hand; as we use this season to recentre ourselves and calm ourselves after a wild summer, we’ll head into Libra season seeking the sign’s balance. You know what else is calm and wonderfully balanced? Belgian moon, especially for the end of summer vibes.

The Belgian Moon makes you feel like your best Virgo self: confident, in control, that extra flair but with a great balance. It comes in an array of flavours including Belgian White, Mango Wheat, Honey Daze and LightSky, to offer you many choices for that typically adventurous Virgo.

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