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Quiz: What Drink Are You?

Take this quiz to find out what drink best represents you!

Have you ever wondered what drink best represents your personality? Well, look no further! We’re here to help match you with the drink that best describes you. We’re going to give you some questions and at the end you’ll tally up the points, and you’ll see which drink best fits you. Let’s begin!

Do you prefer:

Summer (4 points)

Fall (5 points)

Winter (2 points)

Spring (3 points)

Are you more of a:

Brunch person (3 points)

Lunch person (2 points)

Dinner person (4 points)

Midnight snack person (5 points)

Your favourite pastime is:

Long walks on the beach (2 points)

Going to the bar with friends (4 points)

Reading a book in the park (3 points)

Going to a rave (3 points)

What’s your favourite colour:

Blue (4 points)

Green (3 points)

Orange (2 points)

Purple (5 points)


If you totalled 8-10 points, you’re a Belgian Moon. You’re cold weather minded, you love long walks on the beach after lunch because you’re a classic kind of person! If you totalled 10-15 points, you’re more of a Coors Seltzer kind of person; you’re looking forward to the cool/warm months, you want a sensible dinner followed by the bar with your friends. If you ended up with 15-20 points, then you’re a Vizzy Hard Seltzer and that’s pretty self explanatory: you love fall, you love a midnight snack and you love a night out.

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