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5 Road Trips Within 15 Minutes of Montreal

Get the most out of Montreal with these quick road trips close to the city!

Okay, maybe “road trips” is a strong turn of phrase, but these mini-adventures will have you seeing sights around the city in no time! Here are some places to visit in and around Montreal that are about 15 minutes away!

Your first stop must be Old Montreal. A site that is old and new Montreal contained in one stop. You can walk around it all day to see the local restaurants, shops, historic sites and eateries it contains. It’s an essential stop in anyone’s trip to the city.

A must do is a trip to the Notre-Dame Basilica. The historic and iconic is located directly in the Old Port neighbourhood and it’s quite hard to miss. It’s walkable when located in central Montreal and entrancing as soon as you step up to this Gothic Revival-style church that was completed in 1892.

While on your tour of historic sites, Mount Royal is a must stop for any sightseer. Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, it’s 15 minutes away from Notre-Dame Basilica. You’ll have to make your very short trek to the lookout point that overlooks the city with a breath-taking view.

After that, take a trip to Sainte Catherine Street. Known for being the premium shopping destination in Montreal, it crosses the downtown core from east to west, making it incredibly walkable from your previous destination (or from the subway). Shop high and low at this iconic fashion strip; it has everything you need from high-end shops to your local souvenirs.

And lastly, an essential stop and part of the history of Montreal, is its village. Home to many LGBTQ+ friendly bars, restaurants and clubs, it’s inclusive to all. It’s incredibly walkable and reachable from downtown Montreal, and spawns several blocks, where you can spend an entire day just walking up and down and feeling part of the community.

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