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May Drink-oscope

Radiate in the Taurus season energy with a chill, crisp, citrusy drink that has a playful hint of zest.

Is it just us, or is anyone else exhausted after the intensity that is Aries season? In the spirit of spring, change and Taurus’ we recommend taking a deep breath, relaxing and carving out a moment or two to appreciate some of the finer things in life. And what better way to get your palette ready for summer than with a nice, cold, Radler 😎

Introducing your official drink-oscope for May… the Hans Radler, brewed by Fine Company Brewing. Since Taurus’ are known for enjoying the outdoors, being grounded and real and the trend setters of the zodiac, it’s only fair they recommend to you one of the *official* drinks of the summer. The Hans Radler will get your taste buds buzzing with it’s fresh grapefruit and a dash of sugar making it slightly sweet and distinctly tart - kind of like talking to a Taurus (no shade).

The energy for May is all about practicality. Getting done what needs to be done, and using the tenacious spirit of the bull to put your plans into action. With citrus notes and a palette cleansing finish this radler is the ideal warm weather thirst quencher to sip on for inspiration while planning the ultimate summer.

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