5 Steps to a Perfect At-Home New Years Eve Party

Skip the lines this New Years and party at home in style

Is it just us or has New Year’s Eve just gotten bigger every year? The lines are longer, the drinks are more expensive, and you usually get home just in time to sleep through the entire first day of the year. This year, why not try New Year’s Eve at home? Skip the lines, save some money and most importantly – the commute will be little to none. Here are our 5 steps to throw the perfect New Years Eve bash!

Step One: Turn up the tunes

Nothing sounds better (or more pitchy) than to ring in the new year by belting out your favourite songs with a few friends. We’ve done the work for you and created the perfect playlist that’s guaranteed to get everyone dancing! Bonus points if you have a karaoke machine to sing along with.

Note: We take no responsibility for any noise complaints you may receive.

Step Two: Make it a theme

The key to every great gathering? A theme. Perhaps you and your gals we’re supposed to head to Mexico for a girls getaway? Or your group of guys was planning on heading to Vegas for a bro-cation earlier this year? Bring your cancelled destinations to you and celebrate 2022 stay-cation style.

Step Three: Be your own bartender

The cheapest bottle service in town! Sign up for an online cocktail making class or beer tasting with friends for a classy evening or try taking matters into your own hand! Stock your bar with fancy fixings to make your at-home professional cocktails. Here’s a few ideas to get you started!

Step Four: Order in

Who want’s to worry about clean up and meal prep on your last day of the year! Order in from your favourite restaurant and don’t skip dessert!

If you need some snacks while you’re waiting, why not try making a seriously delicious tequila guacamole to tied you over and start your pregame?

Treasure Hunt Dare Game

This one has some serious stakes. Put together a treasure hunt around the house for you and some friends to complete before midnight. Hide clues under the couch, your Christmas tree (we know it’s still up), a drink…etc. Whoever finds the treasure first gets to dare anyone to do something!

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