Your Best Tips For Camping In Canada

Make the most of the autumn in Canada by getting outside and camping with these tips!

This fall, make sure you and your family and friends get out there and soak in all the greatness our country has to offer during this season. You can make the most by camping and enjoying our nature, but make sure you head out with these tips to make the most of your time.

The most important thing is to make sure you protect yourself against insects. Bug spray should be the first thing you buy and use! Make sure you are applying your insect repellent regularly through the day and your trip to avoid any nasty bites.

Before you head out or even plan your trip, look at the weather in advance and prepare accordingly. If it’s not looking too ideal, you can rebook. If it’s looking to be a bit colder than expected, pack and dress accordingly. Speaking of keeping warm, make sure you also pack our Quarter to Five sweater for those chilly autumn nights, the must have camping accessory.

Speaking of the weather being colder, make sure when you are building your campfires you are aware of the appropriate rules and regulations. It’s always beneficial to find a camping ground with a fire pit which is the safest route, but if not, make sure you are building your fires away from anything flammable and you are extinguishing them when done.

And while you’re out there, make sure you follow all these tips and more but have fun! That includes packing our classic and staple beverage, Coors Light, the perfect fall drink for your camping adventure.

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